Marsha Oakes had this to say:


You made fixing the problems I was having with my old provider so easy.  I had put up with the problems fearing a difficult and painful transition.  My husband suggested I go to you because you had done such a good job with his company’s website and he was absolutely right on!!

My website is easy to work with and we have had hundreds of hits already.  You took control and set it up, this is exactly what I needed someone to do it right.

You are my new best tech guru friend.


Marsha Oakes

Hackberry Rentals

Bill Parkinson had this to say:

Having been in business for the past 25+ years and having exposure to other website developers with my companies. I can honestly say that Matt has provided real value with his expertise and made the experience totally painless

He provided outstanding service all bundled up with his genuine kindness and patience. (Looks like we have moved up to  #2 on Yahoo

Matt, Much appreciation for all your work and look forward to getting the e commerce site up.

God Bless

Debra Barrington had this to say:

Good Morning Matt,

Thank you for your prompt attention to creating  my new Website.  I am very pleased with the outcome and have already seen an increase in business.  I feel the website looks very professional.  Furthermore, I would like to thank you for your ongoing prompt attention to any questions I may have.  I will definitely recommend your Company without any hesitation.

Kind Regards,