Captain Buddy Oakes had this to say:

My name is Captain Buddy Oakes and I’m a charter boat captain in Southwest Louisiana. Hackberry Rod & Gun  is the largest employer in the very small town of Hackberry and we are also the largest contract guide service in the United States. We run up to 20 boats each day taking fishermen light tackle saltwater fishing. Our website is VERY important to us and is basically our only marketing tool. We reach 3000 to 4000 targeted existing customers each week with information about our service.

For years (at least 15) we have bounced around with internet services trying to get ahead of the curve.


Matt has taken the bull by the horns and pointed us in the  RIGHT DIRECTION.

He is the best thing that has happened to our company in terms of the internet. He is creative, proactive and always has a better and more comprehensive way to get the job done. He takes the time to explain the process so we can all be on the same page. Our site is the major “go to” website for fishermen in the East Texas and Western Louisiana areas when it comes to fishing news and information so it has to be right and timely.

Matt – thanks for all your help and we look forward to doing business with you and your company for years to come.

Buddy Oakes

Erik Hoffer had this to say

I am amazed at the speed with which you were able to get my site repaired, edited, up and running!

The quality of your work was excellent and astounding in its speed and accuracy;  the results speak for themselves.

The company I had doing it before was not only difficult to work with but unable to respond.  Your courtesy, professionalism and willingness to help was something you just do not find in larger (offshore) companies.

As a small business myself, I and refreshed to know that there are others out there like CGM Security Solutions, with a mantra of customer service and quality.  Thank you for your help!

Erik Hoffer

Elaine Hamlin  had this to say


We want to thank you for your help in getting our Web Site,  up and running.

I had put this project off for a year thinking it would take me months to complete, and would break our small budget.

Thanks to you, the project was reasonably priced, and done within a few hours.

You gave me your undivided attention, listened to my suggestions, made suggestions yourself, and together we completed a simple, easy to maneuver web site.

Personally, since I am not that savy on all of the computer stuff, I want to thank you for your patience and guidance as I attempted to give you the information you needed.

Overall, I am very pleased with our experience with All Merchants Services and  would recommend your company, and you in particular, to any of my friends and business associates.

Elaine Hamlin
RV Solutions
RV Hub-o-Meter
ScissorJax Dust Cover

 Mark Polk  had this to say

My name is Mark Polk, and Matt has been our webmaster for several years now. Recently we decided to give our site a new look and to add some new features. With any other webmaster that I know these changes would have taken a long time to make, and a long time to get the site where we wanted it. We told Matt what we wanted to accomplish and he made the changes (over the phone) in hardly anytime at all.

For something I was dreading doing Matt made it simple and saved us money too. Anybody wanting to start a new website or revamp an older site needs to contact Matt. He is responsive to your requests and always there when you need something done. It’s been a pleasure to work with Matt over the years.

Mark J. Polk

Greg Colla had this to say


A few years back Anne Pierson with the  Happy Camper Club, Inc. referred me to you as someone who could help me with my websites. The person who originally designed the websites had started a new job and stopped working on other websites. Since I don’t have the technical skills to change my own site, I was in desperate need of an expert and after talking to you I realized I had been referrd to the right person!

I have two websites and . PIT-2-GO is my “baby” and I would not trust it to just anybody. Since I am in California and you are in New York, all of our communication and work has been over the phone or email. Even with the whole country between us, I knew you were the one I could trust with the operation of my sites. You have redesigned both of my websites and made awesome changes. My PIT-2-GO webstore system is unbelievable! Easy to use and understand and my customers now are able to get copies of their orders immediately and with no hassle.

I just wanted to say it is so nice to know that there is someone there that I can trust.

As I have mention to you before:    Thank you!!!   Thank you!!!    Thank you!!!

Greg Colla