Greg Colla had this to say


A few years back Anne Pierson with the  Happy Camper Club, Inc. referred me to you as someone who could help me with my websites. The person who originally designed the websites had started a new job and stopped working on other websites. Since I don’t have the technical skills to change my own site, I was in desperate need of an expert and after talking to you I realized I had been referrd to the right person!

I have two websites and . PIT-2-GO is my “baby” and I would not trust it to just anybody. Since I am in California and you are in New York, all of our communication and work has been over the phone or email. Even with the whole country between us, I knew you were the one I could trust with the operation of my sites. You have redesigned both of my websites and made awesome changes. My PIT-2-GO webstore system is unbelievable! Easy to use and understand and my customers now are able to get copies of their orders immediately and with no hassle.

I just wanted to say it is so nice to know that there is someone there that I can trust.

As I have mention to you before:    Thank you!!!   Thank you!!!    Thank you!!!

Greg Colla