Melinda Lord had this to say

I can’t say enough good things about Matt’s help with my website.  I was up and running in minutes.  He took care of all the things I wanted to do in order to get my site off the ground and, he made any changes quickly.  I outlined my objectives and he found ways to meet them without hesitation.

It has been a pleasure to work with him.  I felt very comfortable knowing that he knew what he was doing.  I know that future changes and developments in my website, as time goes by, will be handled with competence and promptness and creativity.

And, I also thank the person who referred Matt to me!

Melinda Lord

RV Notebook had this to say

Matt Burt is my new hero!!!

Just recently, the host server we at IV Software had been using for the last three years pulled the plug and skipped town!  Boy, what a nightmare!!!  Not only was our website gone, but all of our email accounts, our forum, our affiliate program, and our personal blog.  My husband, and the developer of RVer’s Notebook, Mickey Ivey, had been his own webmaster.  However, Mickey passed away very unexpectedly this past November, and even though I had wonderful support with the software program through his son and a dear friend, I took over the responsibilities of the forum and affiliate program.  The website was okay as Mickey had left it……that is, of course, until our server abandoned us!

Luckily, I mentioned my problem to Dawn Polk of RV Education101, and she quickly emailed me with contact information for Matt Burt.  My stepson made the first contact with Matt, and after we learned of the reasonable fees All Merchants Services would be charging us, we opted to go with them.  Great decision!

Matt has been able to get most everything back up and running in a matter of hours!  I was certainly impressed with his speed and attention to detail.  He has been higly accessible and has been patient with my lack of knowledge on some items.  He is now proposing an update to our website as well.  I certainly look forward to a successful future with our new Web Master, Matt Burt!

SisterWoman had this to say

At, we talked to many so-called “search engine optimization” experts, and they all seemed to offer about the same thing — tweaking of static pages on the site. As a women’s social network site, with many hundreds of new “user-generated” pages created daily, conventional SEO was just not an option for us — not to mention it would have been cost prohibitive to work on the thousands of pages on our site.

So, we came to Matt Burt, who was already doing a fantasitc job as the webmaster and site administrator. He introduced us to his “dynamic SEO” system that he had successfully used for other sites. I had already seen the results for his other sites, so I was eager to see what would happen when he applied it to our site. The results so far have been amazing. As a women’s site, we focus on key words that are commonly searched by our users. After just three weeks, we are quickly moving up the search rankings for EVERY single key word we chose — and in some cases we’re already on the first couple of pages for searches with tens of millions of results.

And there’s a side benefit. Because Matt’s system is also a content publishing tool, we get the side benefit of coming up at or near the top of searches we hadn’t even considered through the specific terms that are introduced in our articles. And again, many of these also have millions of results listed.

I’m convinced that Matt’s search optimization system is different and better than any other out there. We’re already seeing major benefits through increased signups on our site. I can’t wait to see what the future brings as we climb even higher in all our targeted searches.

Chip Rodgers

Dan French had this to say

Here’s what you need to know about Matt — he can work with anybody.  Even comedy writers.  We brought a jumbled concept of to him, and he has consistently and efficiently found workarounds for every single odd or out of the blue thing we want to do, all while keeping the extremely  powerful core functions of the site singing along without a glitch.  And he’s fast!  Man, is he fast.  I am already recommending him to other professionals, so if you want somebody you can rely on to create and maintain a great site, get to him now.

From Dan French

R. Morgan had this to say

When we first discussed our need to optimize our existing web-site, without loosing its look-and-feel while also developing the necessary infrastructure for our four (4) new web-sites, I was apprehensive to say the least.   Your professional approach to setting our plan in motion, has been gratifying beyond words, laying the path to a long term business relationship..

Anything RV, Inc. now has five operating web-sites, all operational, maintaining continuity, offering any customer visiting our sites a stress free, easy to manage opportunity to purchase products with confidence.

I would highly recommend Matthew Burt and All Merchant Services; their attention to detail,  responsiveness and overall professionalism to anyone requiring the very best in web-development and on-going support.

Best regards, Richard Morgan