Here’s my heartfelt testimonial.

At — a social networking site for women — we felt like we had a great concept and a great potential service to offer our subscribers. We spent many months and a lot of money developing the first version of the site. And at least we at least proved one thing — that women loved the concept. But the site didn’t work for them.

I was introduced to All Merchant Services and Matt Burt through some of the customers, their sites and the glowing responses on this testimonial page. In looking at one site in particular that Matt developed, Happy Camper Club’s, one nagging thought kept coming to my mind. Why can’t my site have all those features and work so seamlessly? Well, just a month down the road and with Matt’s spot-on guidance, we now have the site that we know will truly make the Sisterwoman concept come to life. And the proof is already abundant. The site Matt built for us has turned into a vibrant women’s community in less than a week! Our users love the site, and the stats bear it out. We’ve already gone from a daily Alexa ranking of nearly 500K to well within the first 100K of all sites. And our page views skyrocketed from about 2 per user to nearly 30 per user. All in the first week! I can’t wait to see where this goes from here.

Matt and All Merchant Services have given the foundation it needs and deserves to be a successful and rapidly growing site for years to come. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Matt’s professionalism, extreme attention to detail and timely response to everything we’ve asked for. And I look forward to a long and growing relationship Matt and All Merchant Services.

Kindest regards,

Chip Rodgers